​Hose construction has been standardized under SAE J517, better known as SAE 100 R - series hose.

Reinforcement and construction vary among these designs, Providing different pressure ratings and other specific Performance feature.

SAE 100R1 is a rubber hose with one - wire - braid construction. Working pressure range form 375 to 3000 psi depending on the hose I.D. and temperature range is from -70 to 200 F. This hose is commonly used on lower pressure hydraulic lines.

SAE 100R2 is essentially the same as 100R1, but has two-wire-braid reinforcement. This makes it suitable for moderate to high Pressure application. Depending on the hose I.D. , the added reinforcement raises the working pressure range 1,125 to 5,000 psi.

SAE 100R3 is a two-fabric-braids reinforced hose with pressure ratings from 375 to 1,500 psi. This hose is more flexible and generally less expensive than wire reinforced hose and is used in low-pressure applications.

SAE 100R4 is a suction or return line hose. The reinforce is a fabric braid or weave with a helical wire stand. The helical wire prevents the hose from collapsing under internal vacuum. Size of I.D. range from 3/4 to 4 inch.

SAE 100R5 is a fabric-cover hose construction with two textile braids separated by a high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. Typical applications include air brake lines, transmission collant lines, and tilt cap cylinders.

SAE 100R6 is a single-fabric-braid reinforced hose with a low working pressure range from 300 to 500 psi. Although not widely used, it is suitable for low cost, low pressure application.

SAE 100R7 is thermoplastic tube and cover, and a single fiber braid reinforcement. Pressure range is the same as that for SAE 100R1 hose. Advantages include light weight, greater chemical resistance and better internal tube cleanlineness than rubber hose. Disadvantages include a maximum 1-in. I.D. and tendency for the hose to become stiff and at low temperature. Thermoplastic hose can be specified as non conductive for use on bucket trucks and chery pickers.

SAE 100R8 is thermoplastic hose with construction similar to that of SAE 100R7 hose, except that the reinforcing layer contains more fiber or has a tighter pack. Pressure ratings are the same SAE 100R2 hose.

SAE 100R9 is a rubber hose with a four-spirals-wire reinforced construction. Pressure range is from 2,000 to 4,500 psi. Because of the high pressure ratings on 100 R9 through 100 R13 hose, they widely used on construction, mining, and heavy mobile equipment.

SAE 100R10 is also a four-spiral, wire-reinforced construction hose. Working pressure range of 2,500 to 10,000 psi. Exceeding that of SAE 100R9.

SAE 100R11 is a rubber hose with six-spiral-wire reinforcement with working pressure range of 2,500 to 12,500 psi.

SAE 100R12 is also a four-spiral, wire-reinforced construction hose. Working pressure range of 2,500 to 4,000 psi.



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